Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission


For over 40 years, Dave has been a promoter of individual freedom and service-oriented enterprise. As a teacher, speaker and author, he has become a respected thought leader. This website provides an in-depth look at the man, his thinking and his work. The archives include over one-hundred recorded hours of his talks and podcasts. He invites you to join him on this mission of freedom, purpose and prosperity.

SEEKER: A Journey Toward Wisdom – Episode 4 – Dealing with Fear


Just seeing the word can make us feel strong emotions. Those feelings can paralyze us in the moment, and even deter us from moving forward in life. Our fears can stop us in our tracks and constrict our ability to act.

This week, we continue our SEEKER discussion on mental health, confidence and inner strength. Dave shows us how we can turn that feeling of fear around and use its power to guide us in making decisions!  We can also use these feelings as energizers for taking productive action.  Dave will show us how this is, in fact, the proven path to high-achievement and life success.

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