Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission


For over 40 years, Dave has been a promoter of individual freedom and service-oriented enterprise. As a teacher, speaker and author, he has become a respected thought leader. This website provides an in-depth look at the man, his thinking and his work. The archives include over one-hundred recorded hours of his talks and podcasts. He invites you to join him on this mission of freedom, purpose and prosperity.

The Two-Sided Coin of Human Consciousness – SEEKER Podcast #25

Human consciousness is a two-sided coin - an outer-focused sociological side and an inner-focused psychological side. How did that happen and why? Is all of this created by God? Dave says, “Yes! These are two of the Seven Incarnations of … [Continue reading]

Let There Be Life… SEEKER #24

How did organic life begin? How did a hostile world of rocks, minerals and gases generate living beings? How did those living organisms evolve from single-cell to multi-cell to all the diversity of plants and animals that we now see – over 12 … [Continue reading]

In the Beginning… – SEEKER Podcast #23

It's time to dig into the The Seven Incarnations of God! In this edition of SEEKER, Dave details the first incarnation: The Cosmological Incarnation. Scientists have spent years researching how our world came about. They can detail roughly how … [Continue reading]