Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission


For over 40 years, Dave has been a promoter of individual freedom and service-oriented enterprise. As a teacher, speaker and author, he has become a respected thought leader. This website provides an in-depth look at the man, his thinking and his work. The archives include over one-hundred recorded hours of his talks and podcasts. He invites you to join him on this mission of freedom, purpose and prosperity.

In the End… – SEEKER Podcast #26

Where is all this going? Are the Seven Incarnations of God actually progressing somewhere meaningful? Can we really know that? Dave says, “Yes, it is simply an extension of the first six incarnations. Just follow the logic of what has come before.” So, there appears to be is an endgame to this … [Read more...]

The Two-Sided Coin of Human Consciousness – SEEKER Podcast #25

Human consciousness is a two-sided coin - an outer-focused sociological side and an inner-focused psychological side. How did that happen and why? Is all of this created by God? Dave says, “Yes! These are two of the Seven Incarnations of God.” What does all of this really mean? How is each … [Read more...]

Let There Be Life… SEEKER #24

How did organic life begin? How did a hostile world of rocks, minerals and gases generate living beings? How did those living organisms evolve from single-cell to multi-cell to all the diversity of plants and animals that we now see – over 12 million species, or more. Dave says this is the … [Read more...]