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Spiritual Wisdom

Dave is not a preacher; he is a teacher! He is not a religious leader, a clergyman, or a guru. But he cares very deeply about his relationship to God, and what that means in his existence. He seeks to bring spiritual insight and wisdom to everyday life. He believes that it matters. Atheism has little appeal to him because it ignores all of the magnificent God-created miracles of the Universe, of Life and of Consciousness.

As an extension of his book, “SEEKER: A Journey Toward Wisdom,” Dave has created a new series of episodes he calls “The Seven Incarnations of God.” In that series, he shows how God has shown up (incarnated) in seven fundamental ways. That what God has created is leading us in a very clear direction. It is slow moving and full of turmoil, but the direction is clear. For those who will listen and share, Dave brings a bold, new vision to our spiritual search. He doesn’t give sermons, but he does speak eloquently and provocatively about God. You will be encouraged and uplifted by his message.