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Dave is driven by curiosity. He always has been. As an avid college student, he double-majored in Math and Physics. As a doctoral student he studies counseling and educational psychology. He focused his research on learning, teaching and motivation. Along the way he studied business, selling, marketing, organizational leadership and franchise deployment. In the past ten years, he has studied neuroscience and the psychology or personal development. Dave knows a lot about a lot.

He loves to share what he has learned. And, he hasn’t stopped learning. Whatever topic you want to talk about, Dave is there - not as a know-it-all (he doesn’t), but as a fellow seeker of wisdom and truth. Over the past three years, Dave has been writing and podcasting his personal memoires, a project called “SEEKER: A Journey Toward Wisdom.” He emphasizes that he is in his “encore years,” and he encourages others to join him in life-long learning. When he shares his journey and his insights, people are fascinated. They want to know more. They want to join him on the path of the seeker.