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Millenial Wisdom

Dave connects with young people. He cares about them and he listens to them. Then, he answers their questions in ways they can understand. He knows the issues they are dealing with, and the perspective they want to gain. Dave is neither judgmental nor arrogant. He, like them, is curious and wants to find the truth; to understand why things are the way they are and how we can make them better.

In fact, Dave recorded an entire podcast series called “Millennial Conversations.” He did it with a man, Matt Haze, who is 40 years younger than he is. Their repartee is enlightening. You can listen to these discussions at And, you can bring Dave in to speak to your youth group. Whatever their questions, whatever topics they want to talk about, they will enjoy their time with this old wise guy. He’ll make them think, laugh, and come away with a better sense of who they are.