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Sales & Marketing Wisdom

What does it mean to be an effective salesperson? Dave has lived it and taught it! What does it take; are their specific methods that work? Dave says “yes, absolutely,” and he will teach you what they are. What if you’re not a natural sales personality? Dave says, “effective selling is NOT about personality;” he says it’s about knowledge, skill and attitude, all of which can be learned.

Dave began his selling career as the VP of Sales and Marketing for a graphic arts company. He had never ever been a salesperson. So, he took the Dale Carnegie Sales Course, and learned that selling really was a demanding profession with proven steps. He won the Sales Presentation Contest required for graduation and went on to be a highly-respected instructor of the course. Dave says that selling is really about being a person who can influence others. We all do that every day. He simply teaches us how to do it better.