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Leadership Wisdom

What makes a leader effective and respected? How do they get people to join their venture, work well together, and achieve the desired outcomes? What are the most important skills and attitudes of a leader? Can they be learned and developed? How do leaders deal with criticism, resistance, and negativity? How do they develop greater self-confidence and mental toughness?

Dave has been recognized as a leader for all of his adult life. He has been recruited to launch and oversee big ventures. He has been highly trusted and given serious responsibilities. Colleagues, staff member, and clients have praised his skill at getting people to work together and to accomplish big goals. Over the years, he has become a student of leadership. Dave has gained a deep understanding of what makes a leader effective That is what he teaches, in a way that is easy to understand, to follow and to adopt. He has a gift for helping people increase their own leadership abilities. And he makes it fun.