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For over 40 years, Dave has been a promoter of individual freedom and service-oriented enterprise. As a teacher, speaker and author, he has become a respected thought leader. This website provides an in-depth look at the man, his thinking and his work. The archives include over one-hundred recorded hours of his talks and podcasts. He invites you to join him on this mission of freedom, purpose and prosperity.

Big, High and Bold

There is always another way to see things.  First thoughts are not usually the most powerful.  The commonly accepted answers are seldom the wisest.

Think Big – Aim High – Act Bold.  That was the mantra we delivered in our book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  We really wanted our readers to think, see and act in new ways.

The more I read it and the more I spoke about it –  on book tours, in masterminds and at seminars – the deeper I began to understand its true meaning.  It is now ingrained in my life.   It guides me.

Think Big doesn’t just mean have high goals and see the big picture.  It means to see things as possible that aren’t now true. It’s about vision, your vision for you, your business and your life.  So often, we use the past as an indicator of what is possible or likely for us.  “Don’t be ridiculous” people will say “that’s not realistic; you’ve never done anything like that before.”

I believe that if you can see it you can make it happen.  The clearer your vision gets about what you want, the greater the odds it will become your reality.   Tim Wood calls it “the power of future pull.”  Just take the time to go inside, explore your deepest desires and crystalize your mental picture.  Add the details as you go.  It will, over time, become your reality.

Aim High means to be willing to do more than you think it will take. It’s not just about aiming above your target and settling for the shortfall.  It is about determination, effort and persistence.  When you are willing to do whatever it takes, you assure your success.  You become unstoppable.

In fact the willingness to do whatever it takes stops Murphy in his tracks.  We know that he and his infamous three laws will show up: “1) nothing’s as easy as it looks.  2) everything takes longer than you think.  And 3) what can go wrong will.”  So be prepared, be ready and be willing.  Nothing can defeat resilience, tenacity and perseverance.

Act Bold means to do that which you are currently uncomfortable doing.  It’s not about being audacious or aggressive or reckless, though sometimes these approaches work.  It is about being courageous, overcoming your doubts and expanding your behavioral bandwidth.

Being bold means facing your fears (they usually tell you where you actually want to go) and moving through them.  It means learning, growing and getting better – wiser, stronger and more skilled.  It’s how you SHIFT to meet the challenges and obstacles between you and your goals.

So, think deeply about this little phrase.  Understand its power. Go deep.  Make it your daily motto.  Post it on your wall: think big – aim high – act bold.

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  1. Dave, this is the kind of thing I always say to my kids, but not as eloquently as you have phrased it. I’m emailing this post to my daughters.

    “In fact the willingness to do whatever it takes stops Murphy in his tracks. We know that he and his infamous three laws will show up: “1) nothing’s as easy as it looks. 2) everything takes longer than you think. And 3) what can go wrong will.” So be prepared, be ready and be willing. Nothing can defeat resilience, tenacity and perseverance.”
    Dave, this is my new favorite quote for the people who quote Murphy as an excuse for everything.

    Thank you for being you. ooxx!

  2. Victoria Rivadeneira says:

    I had the incredible opportunity to go behind the scenes at Disney this past week. Being a huge fan of Disney, this glimpse at Walt’s leadership skill behind the scenes, alive years after his death, was as exciting to me as a five year going to see Mickey for the first time. Walt Disney had the ability to think BIG, doing what the world thought was impossible and doing it anyway! He aimed HIGH when he encountered failures and climbed over them and acted BOLD when faced with uncomfortable situations. We can all learn from his failures and tenacity to keep his dream alive by doing exactly what you write about…think BIG, Aim HIGH, and act BOLD! His road to success wasn’t always easy, but I am glad he continued his journey. We all have the ability to think BIG, aim HIGH and act BOLD. Like you have said in your book, “Anyone can do it, not everyone will.” Thank you for your wisdom.

  3. Dave,

    The 2 biggest Challenges I face daily are my attitude and self-doubt. Yet I managed to be the #1 individual agent in my Keller Williams office. I will try to live by the words”think Big,aim High and act Bold every day moving forward!

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