Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

Your Health and Well being – SEEKER Episode 14

Every new year, we hear people say the same thing: “This is the year I take control of my health and body! I’m going to do it right!” We may have even said this ourselves.  We start strong, reduce our eating and begin regular exercise.  Soon, we are feeling better – leaner, stronger and in good shape. But then what happens? Slowly, we return to our old habits and we end up back to where we were. Now, we’re feeling guilty for “not staying with our plan.”

How does this happen? Is there something we are missing. Is there something we are not discussing. Are there forces that are keeping us on this unhealthy and discouraging path?

In this edition of SEEKER, Dave Jenks talks about the science behind healthy living, why it’s actually easy to understand, and how the tools of a SEEKER can help us trust our body and keep ourselves in consistently good health.

Listen, take charge and live well!

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