Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

So What is a Free Enterprise Warrior?

To the understandable confusion of many, my announcement about launching www.FreeEnterpriseWarriors has been a bit premature.  Not in its intention, but in its implementation. The site is currently under construction.  Really, it is - I promise.  If … [Continue reading]

Creation or Big Bang

For decades, people have debated, argued and even gone to court over whether the world (with all its animals, plants and humankind) was created by God in seven days about 10,000 years ago or has been the result of a Big Bang followed by 13.7 billion … [Continue reading]

Let’s Roll!

I am excited to be launching this blog site.  There is much I want to communicate and so many ideas to share.  My life has been a wonderful, enriching and blessed journey so far; and there is so much more to explore,  experience and exchange. I have … [Continue reading]