Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

Spiritual Truth – SEEKER Episode #7

Right out of the gate, we address the elephant in the room: "Do you believe in God?" Dave's answer might not be what you expected. In seeking spiritual truth, He explores what he has come to believe about God and the Divine. He explores a new, … [Continue reading]

Science: The Local Picture – SEEKER Podcast #6

In our previous SEEKER episode, Dave gave us a look at the big picture of science: the universe, its origins, its size and its age. He talked about the six numbers of the deep forces that allowed for the evolution of galaxies, stars, planets, life … [Continue reading]

Science: The Big Picture – SEEKER Episode #5

Have you ever stopped to think about how small we truly are in the Universe? Looking up at the night sky can be both breathtaking and humbling. But, how big IS the Universe, really? How old is it? When did it begin? How do we know? This week, Dave … [Continue reading]