Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission


Zen & the Art of Making Things Happen

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October 18th – Tacoma, WA  1pm – 4pm
October 19th – Bellingham, WA 9am – 12pm
~Why Most Goal Setting Doesn’t Work:  What actually does.
~ The Four Actions of Fearless Living.
~ Free to Focus:  Removing distractions, diversions and baggage.
~ A Whole New Mind – using both sides of your brain.
~ Viral, Purple & Tribal – the low-cost marketing genius of Seth
~ Less is More:  The Power of one-page plans.
~ Pathfinder:  Getting there from here.
~ Exploiting Proven Models: Don’t reinvent the wheel.
~ TOTT-OT:  the magic formula of mastery.
~ The Mindset of Ownership:  Whose business is it anyway?
In this jam-packed class and workshop, Dave will bring new wisdom, creativity and energy to the process of personal goal setting and achievement.  This workshop will lay the foundation for making 2013 a magnificent year of accomplishment and fulfillment.  And, that will only be the beginning.