Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

Who Moved My Market?

No one needs to tell real estate agents that the market has changed.  Everyone is scrambling to find the cheese.  But, it's not just hiding in a new part of the market maze.  The maze has changed.  And, it may never be the same again. New knowledge is required in this market - short sales, … [Read more...]

Dealing With This Real Estate Market

Get Real, Get Right. Gary, Jay and I wrote about this as the number one tactic (out of 12) in our book SHIFT: How Top Real Estate Agents Tackle Tough Times.  Here is a short (5 minute) video I did as a summary of the tactics we wrote about.  It was produced by Stephen Schweickart and his talented … [Read more...]

Tough Minded Optimists

Outcomes often disappoint the naive.  Success seems to escape the cynics.  Running the mid-line  is a worthy path.  It is the dynamic tension in the life of a free enterprise warrior - optimistic about the opportunities, realistic about the challenges. For those in the real estate business, … [Read more...]