Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

Dealing with Death – SEEKER Episode 20

Death. Just the word brings up a mix of emotions. Yet we're all headed there. Someday, our loved ones will have to deal with our passing. Instead of fighting the emotions and feelings of thinking of our end, what if we turned them around and used them for good? What if we used that energy … [Read more...]

A SEEKER Looks at Health Care – SEEKER Episode 19

Every single year, the cost of healthcare continues to grow, and at an alarming rate. Healthcare is a huge part of our nation's economy, getting near 20%.  How does a SEEKER look at such a complex topic? Is it just about the money? What about quality of care? What IS driving the costs up? What … [Read more...]

A SEEKER Studies Global Warming and Climate Change – SEEKER Episode 18

There seems to always be a bit of emotion that is invoked when you say the words "global warming" or "climate change." People's opinions can be strong and fixed. This whole area of science is one of the most discussed and contested topics of our current generation. What DO we know? What are … [Read more...]