Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

The Role of Government – SEEKER Episode 10

GOVERNMENT: The word itself generates debate.  What it should do, who should lead it and who gets to decide. Are you a liberal, a conservative, a socialist, a communist, a libertarian? Or have you created your own political philosophy? With so many governmental systems around the world, which … [Read more...]

Economic Truths – SEEKER Episode #9

Economics. This word means so many things to so many people - from the economy of a nation to our own individual finances, and everything in between. There are so many factors that make up an economic system. It can seem complicated and confusing. In this episode of SEEKER, Dave makes it easy to … [Read more...]

Freedom and Responsibility – SEEKER Episode #8

We humans are uniquely connected on many levels and in many ways. For millennia we have learned how to cooperate, to get what we need (to survive) and to get what we want (to thrive). But, we are also aggressive, competitive and selfish. Underneath all of it, there exists a social contract that … [Read more...]