Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

SEEKER: One Man’s Journey Toward Wisdom – Episode #1

For the past three years, Dave Jenks has been traversing America with just himself, his Jeep and a few belongings. This journey from small towns to major metropolitan areas was not only a journey to explore our great nation, but a journey for Dave to discover himself. Now in a new series, … [Read more...]

Do Your Best

I was preparing for two very important presentations this week.  Each one could lead to a great business opportunity for our Free Enterprise Warriors team.  I was anxious about them.  In my life, as an aspiring person, I have often had a bad case of “preparation anxiety.”  I want so badly to do well … [Read more...]

Apologies don’t work . . .

. . . accountability does.  Apologies are weak; accountability is strong.  Apologies are depressing; accountability is uplifting.  Apologies usually feel insincere; accountability feels honest and trustworthy. “We’re sorry for the delay.” “We’re sorry to keep you waiting, your call is important … [Read more...]