Dave Jenks: Futurist on a Free Enterprise Mission

Leadership – SEEKER Episode 12

When you think of the word LEADERSHIP, more than likely, a person or two instantly pop into your head. Everyone has had people in their lives that have motivated and led them.

What do these people have in common? What traits do leaders share? Is being a leader something you’re born with or is it something you learn?

In this episode of SEEKER, Dave digs into a topic near and dear to his heart. Not only does he disclose his own life journey, but he also shares the four major keys that every leader must work to possess. Your leadership, he says, is not only important to your organization, but to yourself. Find out why, right here.

Business and Entrepreneurship – SEEKER Episode 11

Every single day, we interact with business. It might be the small family-owned dry cleaner where we pick up our outfit or a large multi-billion dollar company to get a quick cup of coffee. Business is integral to the way our society works. It gives … [Continue reading]

The Role of Government – SEEKER Episode 10

GOVERNMENT: The word itself generates debate. ¬†What it should do, who should lead it and who gets to decide. Are you a liberal, a conservative, a socialist, a communist, a libertarian? Or have you created your own political philosophy? With so … [Continue reading]